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I was very excited to find this utility; however, it unfortunately refuses to install. The application prompts to install. I'm running Windows 10 which comes with 4. If I try to install 4. Is there anything to do? Please feel free to contact me directly. I sent you a hangouts invite. If you have any issues contacting me, please reply here and I'll keep watch. Thanks, Ashkaan. So if the developer didn't have a thunderbolt display it would literally cost him money to implement a solution.

Mac Brightness Tip

Fix for Windows 10 - I just installed it on a win 7 VM and zipped up the exe and the ini configuration files. It works like a portable version. Here's a link to the zip file with the contents of the installation as it appears on a win 7 machine. Just run the exe and put it in your startup folder if you want it to run at startup. As mentioned severel times in the bugtracker. If you install the newest beta version it works fine with windows In windows 10, brightness controller is telling me to install.

Then the brightness controller installer exits and will not install.

Quick Fix: Keyboard Brightness Controls on macOS (external Apple Display)

Get the latest Beta version for windows 10 support. Thank you kindly for making this excellent free software, I have made a video about using it and installing it with windows Please feel free to share it. Long days and pleasant nights to you. I like this blog! In return, I want to share some cheap ray ban sunglasses with you. Latest beta, but it refuses to adjust the brightness.

Displayport adapter into my geforce gtx, windows 10 anniversary x I am running an old 30" cinema display, a dell 30", and a 27" LED cinema display which is the culprit. Adjusting brightness isn't adjusting the backlight, so I really want to get this working, as I am troubleshooting a randomly flickering backlight issue.

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Any help is appreciated, thanks! Habe nun ein Problem, es wird angezeigt dass ein kompatibles Display erkannt wurde, es jedoch von einem anderen Programm bereits genutzt wird. Wenn ich das USB Kabel rausziehe und wieder reinstecke funktioniert wieder alles bis ich neu boote.

Please fix the Beta Links. I made a mirror for my video if anyone needs it. Hi - I have a question regarding this software and my 23" HD Cinema acrylic display: will this application work for my display if I were to run the application within a Windows virtual machine? Is this possible through a virtual machine? Beta version 1. I just installed it on the latest version of win10 with creators update ant it works just fine.

In my case, it had something to do with other applications hooking into the DirectX files, d3d9. Error was something along the lines of "d3d9. In my case, it was RivaTuner Statistics Server; exiting it or setting its detection level to "none" allowed for Brightness Controller to start and work as expected. Hope that helps! I am trying to get this going but it tells me to connect a USB cable? I am using a 27 thunderbolt If i plug another display, the song works good, if I take it off and restart, sound is off! Running Windows Running beta 1.

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  • Use the brightness function keys;
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Receive: "Unable to detect any Apple display. Please make sure the USB cable is connected. Vielen Dank, Jens! I'm trying to install the latest beta onto Windows 10 with all the latest updates , but I'm getting the error asking me to install the. So the suggestions in this thread don't work :- Any other tips?

Part 2 – writing a script to step through the brightness

Sorry, Murphy's law kicked in and right after posting this, the installation worked What did you do to fix this? I'm having the same issue on Win10 right now. Same problem. Solution: "Brightness Controller 1. What is the actual default shortcut keys for increasing and decreasing the brightness? I am using dual monitors with Brightness Controller 1. Had the same and just fixed it! Try plugging the USB cables into different ports - seems to reset them.

Re: Apple Cinema Display Brightness on Ubuntu Desktop

USB cable plugged in camera and sound can use.. On a mac, apparently you can disable the bottons on the side? Any chance of that feature here? Stupid things always press themselves. Monitor used to turn on an off, now the brightness up buttons is "stuck". Kill my eyes. Hi, i have a compatibility issue with windows Starting the tool it states i should install dot Net 4.

Will there be a compatibility update? Please help.

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Best for You. Hello, I have problems with both my 20" Cinema Displays A One is from , one from Older one has its original AC converter as far as I know other one has original Apple converter but from older model I had to cover its middle pins on DC plug to get it working. Both monitors are working, but Brightness Controller reports that it is unable to detect any Apple Display.

HID info seems unusually short: I tried latest beta 1. Issue is present in both. I ran both versions as Administrator. Thanks in advance, Andrew. Hi, It work perfectly for me and my led cinema display 24p and windows 7. I have donate. Thank you very much for your excelent work! I get this error message on Brightness Controller 1. Please make sure any other program using the device are closed" However no other programs are open. I even selected the option to start Brightness Controller at startup and I also tried running as Administrator but still get the same error message. I recently received an older-but-like-new 24" LED Cinema Display as a gift and have successfully connected it to my Windows 7 Pro PC using an appropriate video card and cable adapter.

Unfortunately it defaults to max brightness which is unusable for me. I'd like to use Brightness Controller to fix this, but when I attempt to install it, I get an error saying I need. When I download and attempt to install that version, I get an error saying the same or newer version is already installed I have 4.

Any way to make this work? I finally took time to read completely through the thread and discovered the answer to my question: install the latest beta and it won't worry about the. NET version. I did so and am very happy with the results -- up and running on a beautiful Cinema Display and Windows 7. Thank you, Jens -- I will be donating! This video has a mediafire link to the beta.

I hope it still works for you too.

I'm running 1. All was working well when a couple of weeks ago, the display's speakers refused to put out any sound. I was able to plug ear buds into the tower's audio jack and get sound, but in a day or two, this also failed.