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Well, imagine having the opportunity to design a revolutionary Product Innovation Platform and completely re-design your CAD tool from scratch, with the freedom to wave a wand and have everything you desire from a CAD tool?

5 Reasons to Download Autodesk Inventor Fusion Now

Whilst arguably this would-be utopia, it naturally raises a whole plethora of questions as well for example:. What would you keep from your current CAD tool? What would you want to get rid of! What platform would your Fantasy CAD tool run on? Would you like it to run on your Windows PC?

Your Mac? Your server or even your tablet computer? Where does design end and engineering begin? How would your new CAD tool aid in the coordination of your Design and Engineering work from beginning to end?

Simplify your entire workflow with one unified platform.

In essence you would be thinking about the CAD of the future and the lucky F team at Autodesk got to do exactly that when they were asked to go away and think about the CAD tools of the future, and bring them into the present. The original Inventor Fusion was a plugin that ran on our desktop, alongside Inventor, but over the intervening years Fusion became its own standalone product, making the best use of the latest cloud technologies to improve your CAD experience. So, what is Fusion ?

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Solid, Surface, T-Spline and Mesh geometry is supported. Drawing, Rendering and 3D-Printed output is available for design validation, documentation and prototyping. Within the same CAD package, Simulation and shape optimisation tools help us to check and validate our design, while integrated CAM allows us to manufacture the final parts. The licence is tied to your Autodesk login, not the device you are currently using.

The platform uses the power of the cloud to hand off compute intensive tasks such as rendering and FEA studies, freeing you up from having to sit at a dedicated CAD station. Viewing and mark-up tools are built in to the Fusion Team document management platform. Asking for a customer review of your design is a simple as sending a web-link.

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Multiple Modelling technique s Parametric and Direct, Solid and Surface, T-Spline and Mesh geometry import, creation and export are all supported in the platform. You choose the way you want to work and the technique that best suits the project. This makes it easier to move your project through the various design phases out to presentation graphics without the overhead of having to learn disparate software packages. Multiple Operating Platforms Fusion can run on multiple operating platform such as Windows, Mac or in your web browser.

There are F Apps for your iPhone and Android device so you simply choose what platform is best for depending on your preference or even your location.

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No need to maintain your own database or server, no check-in or check-out. Permission control, version and revision tracking, linked documents, comments, review and mark-up are all managed seamlessly and coordinated with Fusion team. Local and Cloud Resources The platform is an incredible hybrid between your local device and the cloud.

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When connected to the internet, Fusion has the incredible ability to pass off compute intensive tasks to the cloud to get the best out of your local hardware, and the scalable compute power of the cloud. Autodesk Fusion is truly an integrated product Innovation platform, to support you and your team from Concept design, through Engineering and Production to managing the lifecycle of your product. It incorporates both direct and parametric modelling, allowing you to start with an existing design from any other CAD system, or create your own designs from scratch.

Once the final design is agreed, programme your part for 2, 2.


Autodesk Inventor Professional can be used on the Mac via Parallels Desktop for Mac without having to boot directly into the Windows OS, so it is easy to switch between platforms. The system must meet the following requirements. Download autodesk inventor fusion mac for free. And many more programs are available for instant and free download. Inventor Fusion is an easy to use 3D modeling application that includes direct manipulation capabilities for unrivaled ease of use.

Inventor Fusion is an utility that allows designers to freely explore complex shapes and forms.

Autodesk Fusion Review|The Product Innovation Platform

At the time, the company promised the a free technology preview of Inventor Fusion for Mac would be available in the coming weeks, with an official release to follow later. Autodesk today announced that the free software preview is now available for download and will remain active through January 1, Inventor Fusion is a free technology preview that enables creation of designs through intuitive direct manipulation tools.

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