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As a consequence of this we have decided to stop selling the product. It is essential to us that our customers trust the quality and safety of our products. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not compliant with the legal regulations. Then you should return it in a store from the chain you bought it in and get your money back. We have received inquiries from customers who have experienced that the rope of the swing can slide if the weight is pushed ahead of the swing, e. At worst, the child can tip over and hang upside down.

Therefore, we have taken our precautions and asked the supplier to recall the product from our stores. We have sold a total of of these swings in the Nordic countries between April 1 and May 31 From till early Spin Master has sold about 65, units in the EU and about , units globally.

No injury whatsoever has been reported in the EU, nor worldwide. It is essential to us that our customers trust our products quality and safety. Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover products that are not complaint with the legal regulations or our own strict requirements. Rapunzel Wig Our spot check has showed that a production of the wig does not meet the self-extinguishing requirement in the Toy Safety Standard EN It burns significantly longer than permitted thus increasing the risk of an accident if a child wears the wig in the vicinity of candles or open fire.

The recall of the Rapunzel wigs is for the above production lot only, delivered to our customers in January and February Previous lots have been tested and found in accordance with the Toy Safety Standard. Moreover, they agreed that the risk is very low.

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Consequently, we react as quickly as possible when we discover questionable issues. NORSTAR voluntarily recalls all Smurf Moodlight 10 cm following the discovery, by its internal quality control team, of the easy removal of the battery lid which may lead to serious or fatal consequences for a child gaining access to the button cell batteries located inside the lamp more specifically when ingesting the button cell battery.

There have been no incidents to date. Approximately Please contact info.


Product description Product Description This book provides a comprehensive understanding of the concerns, theories and concepts associated with child development and pedagogy. Sandeep Kumar began his academic career as a school teacher before moving on to handle higher academic subjects at the college level.

He is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, University of Delhi and specialises in the fields of human rights education, educational psychology and social science education. Earlier, he served the state council of educational research and training SCERT at district institutes of education and training DIET as subject expert of teaching of social science.

He was also an assistant professor at a college affiliated to Indraprastha University, Delhi. Product details Format: Kindle Edition File Size: Pearson; 1 edition 12 April Sold by: English ASIN: Not enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. DT Editorial Services. Child Development. Is this helpful?


Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention good book book is very good ctet content answer provided solutions. Like previously, the building process is divided into three stages. At first slides , you create the conveyor and test out its motion. Next 83 slides , you put together the grapple and check its movements.

In the last stage slides , you add final touches by placing decorative bricks and additions. At this point, you can also test whether your factory can really create a figure out of bricks. Building this model took us almost 2 hours. Less than previously, but it could be due to the fact that this time, we shoved all bricks onto the table. This robot has only one activity that becomes available at the end of the building process. It involves learning various methods of controlling the construction: Obviously, five constructions do not exhaust the possibilities of this set.

Although the contents do not encourage individual experiments and most efforts will look bland in comparison to the complex and pretty LEGO constructions, some children will surely examine the set on their own. For this end, LEGO prepared two instructions for mobile bases: They can be used in individual projects. The app can also be used for individual programming. Note this mode contains a full palette of programming blocks — unlike the advertised LEGO robots.

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Programming resembles the system known from WeDo 2. There is a palette of blocks, which you assemble in the programming area by using the drag and drop method. However, most of the blocks are different. As it was already mentioned, playing with every robot expands its programming palette.


However, these blocks are not classic programming blocks. These blocks work only with Vernie and are available only when programming this particular robot. In case of the AutoBuild factory, blocks differ; they are focused on the movement of the conveyor, the grapple, or collecting bricks.

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We assume this approach is repeated in all five constructions. Therefore, the app offers 5 different block palettes that contain ready-made subroutines dedicated for every construction designed by LEGO. Building and playing with these models mainly shows how to use these additional, compound blocks.

Since they are actually subroutines, they allow users to quickly create an interesting program. Without them, writing a program for such a construction like AutoBuild would be a big challenge. Unfortunately, coding by relying on subroutines prepared beforehand has a much lower educational value. After you finish having fun with 5 models prepared by the producer, you are left alone with an advanced blocks palette that you know little of. This palette could truly be educational, but again, the multitude of available blocks could hinder children, who try to create their own projects from scratch.

Below you can find a comparison between the blocks palette of Vernie, AutoBuild and the full one.

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The curious thing is exactly the same age recommendation for these both sets. Boost, especially when using the advanced blocks palette which means going beyond the 5 staple robots , is way more difficult to program. Remember that there is no description of the blocks even their names! You must figure out their function on your own, by contemplating their icons and testing everything out.

Quite a frustrating method of learning how to code. Therefore, the target group is similar. The first advantage of WeDo 2. WeDo comes with a durable wide plastic box for storing elements and a tray for sorting them. This solution makes it easier to find the desired brick and shortens the time needed for completing every construction.

Boost has no storing, or sorting system. You must take care of these matters on your own. Bricks assembled in the WeDo 2. Simultaneously, they deliver lots of possibilities and do not overwhelm the child, which could discourage its creativity. Yet in Boost, elements that are interesting and useful are concealed by mass of decorations, impractical parts and nick-nackery. In consequence, despite a large number of elements and expanded possibilities, Boost discourages from individual experiments. Electronics have pros and cons in either set. In WeDo, elements are smaller, easier to fit into constructions, their design is ironed out and the manufacturing is more precise.

The issue of power supply is resolved better here. However, Boost has more possibilities. Three motors, built-in rotation sensors and three additional sensors distance, color and tilt allow to create very interesting robots. The use of BLE technology causes some problems in both sets, especially when it comes to connecting with the control device.

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WeDo has been present on the market for quite some time, so many of its issues are already resolved. Nonetheless, the first try to connect is often a challenge with both sets. Materials prepared for both sets are interesting and well presented, but completely different in purpose. They show interesting mechanisms and concepts and can be completed in 2 lesson hours. Moreover, WeDo offers support and materials for teachers.

Boost constructions are cool toys; they can be programmed, but their main focus is nice appearance and fun playtime.

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  • Time needed for building and completing dedicated activities fits nowhere in school environment. Also, producer offers no additional materials. When it comes to programming, WeDo has an advantage; it wins with simplicity and comprehensibility. The programming app has one blocks palette with a great educational value.