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New product release, i. Releases take place about every 18 months. Upgrade cost will be discounted from their list price. It does not natively, however, in most cases, it runs great with Windows parallels or emulators on the MAC. However, the calibration calculations and formulas will work for any shaped material including sheet and plate. No matter the style bender you have, including manual to fully CNC, Bend-Tech will be able to handle everything you need.

Once you've placed an order with us, we will send you a download link to your email It may take up to business hours for your download email to show up. We will still send out a CD as your future backup, as your download link will expire in 48 hours. In reality any part that is made in the software can be output as XYZ data. They work well, are easy to understand and when we have a problem, Apple works quickly to resolve it. Most of the time. Typically a Genius determines you have a problem, but alas, you may be out of warranty. Maybe they are claiming the item was abused or tampered with and you disagree.

Often you are just barely out of warranty or fall right outside a Repair Extension. All is not lost. Your next step can be to call the general number for Apple technical support Explain your situation and ask for an accommodation; usually you want a repair at no charge to you.

Again, keep careful notes. When talking with Customer Relations, always be polite, fair and accommodating. These are human beings who will often rise or fall to the level of politeness and aggressiveness they receive. Briefly tell them about your love of all things Apple.

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Be enthusiastic and authentic. Focus on the fact that you want to be an Apple supporter, but its actions in this particular matter that have shaken your confidence. Ask the Apple representative for something reasonable and fair — usually the repair of the item under warranty. Frequently Apple will meet you half-way by agreeing to cover the parts, but not the labor. Consider that a win. Thank them for their time and try again.

No, not the Woz, but rather Mr. Steve Jobs.

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Write him at steve apple. Your email will be read by a member of his staff and even Steve himself on occasion. Make the same case you made to Customer Relations in the same fair, accommodating and professional way.

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Alternatively, and in addition to contacting Steve, if you are an Apple investor, contact investor relations You can mention all the things you mentioned to Customer Relations, but add the fact that this experience has tainted not just your technology buying experience but your confidence in Apple as an investor. Be honest and direct.

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  6. Still no dice? Well, I think you are out of luck. Sometimes it just happens. At least now you know the escalation methods and at least have a fighting chance with Apple. I have an unsuccesful apple war story! I am going to try your tips right now. I was an architecture student and used my computer daily, so this was a major distraction and inconvenience. I went with the Intel, and have been a happy Apple customer since. Best customer service?

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    Not in Poland. And there is a normal behaviour of polish apple service — a lot of people has the same problems. Apple warranty in Poland is a fiction.

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