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In some situations, it happens that the flashing question mark comes over the screen and then Mac is fine with continuing the startup process. In this kind of situation, one should make some changes in settings. System preferences have an option of "startup disk" which needs to be reelected by the Mac user. After that close the system preference window. The flashing question mark should not be showing up on the startup anymore.

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Thus, it's a simple, easy and quick way of getting rid of this issue in no time. Most of the people do not try this method and take their system to professionals to fix it. It is not only a time waste but also a waste of money. If you are having a brief knowledge about Mac, then it should be helpful for you to take benefit and fix it in no time. Sometimes, in system preference one is not able to see the startup disk.

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This is a quite surprising thing. Thus, in order to repair the startup disk in such situation, one need to follow these easy steps. Step 3: Select startup disk the startup disk is named as the Macintosh HD. You can either find it on the left side of your window in a simple way. Step 5: Press repair disk button. This is done in order to repair any issues. Indirectly the startup disk is the main source in performing this operation.

Step 6: Now you can quit the "disk utility" because your disk is successfully being repaired. Step 7: You need to go to the Apple menu now and select "startup disk". Just make it a restart and after that, you will not see the flashing sign anymore.

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All of these easy steps are a great way of getting rid of the flashing question marks in no time. It doesn't need any help of the professional. One can do the repair on their own. Moreover, it also gives a confidence to the user of Mac that they can handle any kind of issue without any fuss. This is a great way of learning about the operating system which a person is using. Sometimes there is a need to try some safe boot.

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In order to use this option, you can take help of any external drive matching with your system configurations and move the data to save it from being lost. Coming towards the method of "safe boot" i. This special startup can be done by forcing the system of Mac through loading only required information. It is a great way of getting the issue resolved. The best thing about safe boot is that it helps in making a quick overview of the disk issues. There are hundreds of issues which might take place during the startup drive loading.

Question marks in OS X and what to do about them

Moreover, it can play a big role in keeping oneself safe from repair encountered problems. Almost every Mac system has the option to do "safe boot". One should give it a try in order to get the system issue resolved in a quick period of time. If you have any problem in understanding it, then you can go through the troubleshooting guides too. They are a great way of increasing one's knowledge. Error fixing is not a successful process every time.

The startup might be facing the same issue of "disk utility" and it could be quite annoying for the user of Mac. Thus, when a repair doesn't effect, then it is best to do the reformatting. In order to do it, one needs to make a quick backup of almost everything. This is a great solution for saving the important data. You need to be aware that when you erase the startup disk then it will delete everything which is stored. Whether they are any kind of included items, personal stuff or any official folders. Almost everything will be no more. Thus, to be on the safe side it is best to make a backup.

Sometimes it does happen that Mac user is not able to find the "recent backup" option. In this situation, one needs to do the backup on an external drive. In order to perform this function here is a couple of steps which could be helpful. Step 2: It is necessary that the drive should be the same size like your startup disk. Or else the operational activity will not work. Make sure that the drive which you are connecting is having the authority to erase.

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Step 4: Click on the option of MacOS Recovery. You will be able to allow to erase any external drive which you have connected with it. Moreover, you can install the MacOS again. Please keep in mind that you should never erase the "startup disk" because it is inbuilt and is the source of performing a number of activities in your Mac. You will see a setup assistant.

How to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac

Select it and you can migrate all of your data back to drive in no time. Here, it is a must to select your startup built-in drive as a source from where all of this data will be migrated. Step Now through the help of the setup assistant you can again migrate the data back on your Mac startup drive in no time. Can't start Mac in recovery mode - only get folder with question mark instead Ask Question.

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For all combinations I only get the folder with a question mark shown. What can it mean and how can I fix it?

If a flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac

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