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Pics can be uploaded to Dropbox or Facebook. On the iOS side, Photo Booth is included on every iPad with a front-facing camera which is all of them except the very first one , or you can try something more full-featured like Wedding Booth and just try to ignore the wedding theme.

Photo Booth Instruction Videos: Installing Tablet, Camera, & Printer

To shoot remotely, pick up a Bluetooth wireless shutter that works with either iOS or Android devices. You know what shoots and prints all at once? Duh, instant cameras! Then put more tape down where the people will stand—indicate the center of the frame, as well as the outer edges. So get creative with a funky backdrop.

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You could pick one up on Etsy or just pinch their ideas. Once your background rocks, take it up a notch with awesome props.

Photojojo sells some fun props too, like a chalkboard speech bubble , the ubiquitous mustaches , and these cute pennants. To get the Google Cloud Print service talking to your printer, start here.

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This story, "How to rig up a photo booth for your holiday party" was originally published by TechHive. Using your computer If you have an iMac or Mac laptop with a built-in camera, you could just use Photo Booth. Photo Booth has fun effects built in, and it's so easy to use.

DIY Photo Booth Using a Mac and Automator

Sparkbooth isn't cheap, but it has advanced features like automatic printing and sharing, which add tons of value. The tabMount can connect any tablet to any tripod. Now you're in business. Share your own tips and recommendations in the comments. First and foremost, you will need a digital SLR camera and a tripod. For this example we used my trusty Nikon D Start with a flat white or gray background. You can use a blank wall, muslin or fabric which give a textured effect , or for the best results, seamless background paper.

These inexpensive rolls of paper are typically held up by a background support system two stands and a crossbar. You can get seamless backdrops in almost any color, but be careful not to overshadow your subjects. Simple and clean is usually the best bet.

How To Create A Simple Photo Booth

There is more than one way to successfully light a photo booth. For this example we keep it simple and cost-conscious by using one-light—a monolight flash unit in a soft box. A monolight is an all-in-one strobe flash unit that plugs directly into a the wall via an AC power cord. A small soft box goes over the monolight, diffusing the light to create a flattering effect.

The assembled unit mounts on top of the adjustable light stand. The sync cord connects your camera to the monolight. You can buy most of these items together in a monolight kit. If your photo booth is going to be a one-time-only affair, consider renting a light kit from a local camera store like Calumet.

5 Photo Booth Softwares for Mac + Windows

Most monolights have an infrared receiver that can be triggered wirelessly by your on-camera flash, but this doesn't work very consistently. A better option for working wirelessly is to invest in wireless radio transmitters which trigger the flash without requiring a direct line-of-sight. If you want to take your photo booth to the next level, you can add additional lights.

Extra flashes can be pointed at the background to eliminate shadows and fill lights can be used to eliminate any strong shadows on your models. Hot shoe flashes work great for both of these. Pick a spot against a wall, near an outlet, and away from too much traffic one errant foot could bring your lights crashing down.

Set up your backdrop, move three feet in front of it and tape an X on the ground.

How to take a picture with Photo Booth on Mac

This marks the general area where people should pose. If you want shadows behind your subjects, move the marker closer to the background.

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If you prefer less shadow, bring it closer to the camera. The camera and soft box will be approximately the same distance from your subject. What that distance is depends entirely on how you want to compose your photos.

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