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Platform desktop or laptop. Click here for Mac OSx. In addition, our software will run on a full implementation of Wine on Linux. Click here for Wine on Linux. All games are available to play free online. Touted as one of the older games of skill, Backgammon is a 2-player game where each player must move their 15 checkers on the board and bear them off.

When at least one of the players accumulates a pre-determined agreed points, the match is over, and the player with the highest score wins.


SHG Canasta supports both two player and four Player partners. Command HQ was originally released in , and is the first and original two-player real-time strategy wargame. To those unfamiliar with the game, consider it like playing Speed Chess on a Risk board. Like chess, you have a small handful of unit types at your disposal, and like Risk, you play on a map of the world, with certain resources spread all around which you must capture and hold in order to gain more forces.

The more of the world you own, the larger the army that you can muster. Command HQ is now available exclusively at SafeHarborGames and can now be installed easily and played for free by going to the SafeHarborGames website. SafeHarborGames Cribbage is a unique card game for two and four players that involves playing and grouping cards to gain points.

SafeHarborGames Cribbage features the full Cribbage board. The object of the game is to score the most points by making card combinations of fifteen using pairs, runs and flushes. SafeHarborGames Cribbage has several distinctive features: the cribbage board used for scorekeeping, the eponymous crib or box, two distinct scoring cribbage stages the play and the show and a unique cribbage scoring system including points. In the SHG version, we show the cribbage board with the pegs denoting the proper scores, but we also show the scores next to the Player's nicks at the top and bottom, respectively.

SafeHarborGames supports the classic game of Euchre to put your card skills to the test. Pair up with a partner and bid on being the trump maker or the defender. Euchre your opponents by preventing them from taking three tricks. Be the first team to score 11 points to win in Free Online Euchre game. SafeHarborGames supports the classic game of Gin Rummy to put your card skills to the test.

Test your skills of building sets and runs and Knocking or Ginning your opponent to win. Hearts is played with four 4 players using a standard card deck without jokers. Cards range from Ace highest to deuce 2 lowest.

download Gin Rummy Free for MAC

The entire deck is dealt so each player starts the hand with 13 cards. The objective is to have the lowest score when one of the player's score reaches or exceeds Points, ending the game.

Gin Rummy Plus Cheats and Hack (Android/iOS) - How to get Unlimited Coins and Gems?

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You must have Windows 7 or higher. Windows 10 is recommended. Read more about Gin Rummy Plus on our blog! Game Screenshots and videos:.

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Read about the special powerups available for Gin Rummy Plus when using BlueStacks 4 Keymapping Learn how to improve your gaming skills with a special keymapping! Read More. Redeem your BlueStacks Points.

Get rewards! What are XPacks? Show the World Who the Best Gin Rummy Player Is Anybody can say they're the best, but only the true talents of the game will put their talents on the line in front of millions of other players and card game fanatics.