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Extra magazines cost too much compared to a whole one complete. No rails to attach extras but looks and feels true to actual weapon. It is not any quicker with trigger fire than other guns that are non-blowback. Not too good on gas consumption, pull cocking lever on the top rear and get a few more shots at the very end of the CO2 supply. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New.

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Was leaking from the CO2 kept jamming up. Skip to main content. About this product.

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Compare similar products. The cocking handle itself can be locked to prevent the hop chamber being opened by twisting anti-clockwise, this cannot be done when the AEP hop chamber is already open and requires holding open whilst being adjusted. ASG's MAC10 with Suppressor Now I was unable to get a ROF from this but on a calibrated chrono was displaying at approx FPS and getting a great range and could certainly hold its own in a skirmish with a round high cap mag, well enough for spraying the enemy with.

Yosser says: This is a very skirmishable AEP. Bring it on, but you might need a spare battery 'cause you'll want to use it that much! Posted on October 24, at PM. What is the range? The fps scares me a little that it might go 20 feet and drop into the ground. Posted on November 26, at PM.

ASG sell this already with a Hi-Cap - sorry no idea about the TM ones as I didnt try it but as its based on that design i wouldnt be surprised if i was compatible but please check with JD Airsoft 1st if u want. I fired this for Yosser's review type video thing and can categorically state that I was nothing short of "Awestruck" by the range of it!

This isn't just me pontificating about it, it was phenomenal, truly. Yosser went to change the battery on his camera and I thought I'd try it out for range. I was well impressed! Shopping Why to buy from us?

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ASG Cobray Ingram M11 Submachine BB Gun

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