Join mac 10.8 to active directory

How to join a Mac OS X computer to Active Directory

I too have this problem. I migrated a user from a loal acocunt to an AD account on her Mountain Lion machine. It's random as to how many times i have to log in and log out as a local account before the oprion for "other user" is visible so i can log in using an AD account. Once i'm finally able to use AD account, everything works.

OS X Active Directory Integration – The Process

It just took me four attempts to get "other user" to show up in order to login. Aug 20, 9: This is working for me now.

Bind Yosemite OS X to Active Directory Windows Server 2012

I had to re-bind to AD and after reboot the "other user" option would show up. Beware that this doesn't show up immediately. It was taking me seconds after restart to show up.

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I assume this is more network speed related. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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Browse Search. Being able to join all those Macs to the AD domain is invaluable from that point of view. On the other hand, perhaps new hires are Mac experts and know nothing about PCs. In that situation, A computer needs to be purchased either way, so why not be able to get them a computer they are already proficient at and let them hit the ground running? Now for the good news. Once your Mac clients have been joined to your AD domain, other software services that rely on AD will be able to perform necessary functions for both security and convenience.

OS X Active Directory Integration – How to Bind a Mac to AD

For example, with a Mac that is bound to an AD domain, the PortalGuard Desktop Client can be installed and your end users will be able to enjoy the same Self-service Password Reset and Recovery feature that Windows users appreciate. Check out this article for more details on the PG Desktop for Mac: Over the last ten years Larry has specialized in improving and growing the support process, previously and within PistolStar Inc.

We used JAMF but didnot succeed. The items listed in Step 2 are nowhere to be found on the Mac OS version that I am using which is on a brand new iMac? This step exists on my macOS Sierra machine — when you try to bind, before clicking bing, click the down arrow at the left easy to miss and the options are down there.

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