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LaTeXit let's you change the font colors easily in the interface or you change it globally in the preamble or the preferences under General. If you use one specific Keynote theme over and over again, I suggest to define your own color palette that you can use throughout the whole OS X system for example, if you use other programs to make figures. So, you can easily access the Keynote font color right from the color menu.

Here is a little screencast that shows how you can add the font color of Keynote to your user defined palette, and how you can re-use it in LaTeXit to produce an equation in the same color. I use this to draw attention to parts of the equation. Typically, I have two slides, one without and one with colored parts. The transition between them makes the highlighted part pop out.

If you drag and drop the equation onto a slide the size might not fit. Of course, you can resize it later, however, if you have multiple equations through out your talk or even various on one slide, it is difficult the get the same size consistently. Again, LaTeXit can help you. It let's you change the font size so you don't have to fiddle around with it afterwards.

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You can use this kind of approach not only for mathematics, but to include any LaTeX environments, for example. I have also written a little AppleScript that you can use to prepare your laptop before starting a presentation e. You can find the blog post here.

How do I insert equations in Keynote slide?

In another blog post I talk about "How to make a great presentation". Blog About.

Basic workflow I use a free tool called LaTeXit. Here is a little screencast to show the workflow.

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Adapting to your needs - changing the preamble Sometimes you have defined your own LaTeX command or you need some special packages e. Change the color The default color is black.

Best Latex Equation Editor For Mac

Change the font size If you drag and drop the equation onto a slide the size might not fit. Some extra tips You can use this kind of approach not only for mathematics, but to include any LaTeX environments, for example definitions and theorems with amsthm musical notation with lilybond diagram like trees with TikZ ancient letters like hyroglyphs and many more Furthermore, you can use LaTeXit to produce mathematical expression to include to Pixelmator Inkscape Omnigraffle or even TextEdit and Pages You might be also interested in Work smart, be remarkable, and have a great day!

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Recovering latex code from pdf equation in keynote by using latexit

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The TextEdit Method

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