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You can choose which paragraph styles to include in the table of contents and change the indentation. Click in the toolbar , then choose Table of Contents. Change which paragraph styles are enabled: Select the checkbox next to the paragraph styles you want to include.

Change the indentation of entries: Click the indent or outdent button to the right of a selected style. To change the sidebar view or close the sidebar, click , then choose Page Thumbnails or Document Only. In a word-processing document, you can add a table of contents for the whole document, or for each section or part of the document. You can then change the font, font size, and color of text; adjust spacing; and add leader lines. Entries are gathered from the entire document. Note: If the Insert Table of Contents button is dimmed, make sure you placed the insertion point.

To insert multiple columns at once, first click the same number of existing columns. For example, if you want to insert two columns into your table, click two existing columns. Although most people use tables to store lists of data, using a table to lay out a page in a particular way is also common. For example, if you are building a Word document that looks like an existing paper form or invoice, you will almost certainly need to use a table to do it.

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Changing the row width as you learned in the previous section does not work because you need to change the sizes of individual cells. The best way to do this is to build your table normally and then merge two or more cells together. For example, if you merge two cells that are side by side in the same row, you end up with a single cell that is twice the width of the other cells.

To merge cells, first select the cells. You can select cells in a single row, a single column, or in multiple rows and columns. However, the selection must be a rectangle of adjacent cells. If you no longer need a part of your table—for example, a cell, a row, or a column—you can delete it. You can delete multiple cells, rows, or columns, and, if necessary, you can delete the entire table. If you want to delete a row or column, you need to click anywhere inside that row or column.

If you want to delete multiple rows or columns, you need to select at least one cell in each row or column. If you plan on deleting the entire table, you need to click anywhere inside the table.

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Click the command that represents the type of table element you want to delete. Any suggestions?

Working with Page Layout and Design in Word for Mac

You cannot create an automatic TOC without using styles. When updating my TOC in Word , all the tables in the document lose their formatting. How can I correct this? Can you clarify exactly what loses its formatting — the table captions? It was as if I made a table with white border lines and shadings. I decided that the file was corrupt because restarting my machine did not change the behavior.

So I selected all, copied and pasted into a new word document, and that solved my problem. Having the same problem with TOC. When I make changes and go to update the TOC all of the format of the text just changes to a basic font and size. No more italic subtitles. I have worked on the same document before using Windows 7 or one machine and Windows 10 on another. The problem only happens on the Windows 10 machine. Any suggestion. I figured an update or something happened. Help, it is frustrating not to be able to work on the document at home. The icon still works fine and the TOC updates without issue.

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I added the TOC3 formatting because it was missing. I have to highlight them and click on the TOC3 formatting again. If you applied it manually, it will disappear the next time you update the TOC. If you modified the style, then it should hold. To modify the TOC3 style: 1. Hover over the TOC3 style to show the drop-down box icon, then click that icon. Select Modify. Change the settings either on the Modify Style window, or for more settings, click the Format button. Once changed, click OK to close all style windows. Auto numbering is off within my document.

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Another header in the same document shows 8 on one line and a separate line shows Scope. Any solutions? The only thing I can think of to check is the tab setting for the TOC 1 style.

Adding a Table of Contents in Word

Word flips to unresponsive when I update TOC in my document. I have to go to Task Manager to close the programme down. Can you help? I have created an automatic table of contents, but only 3 of the 5 chapters are working correctly.

I manually entered the page numbers for the 2 chapters, as well as the references and appendices. How to I get these to have automatic charateristics as the others? This is Word Thanks in advance, Karen. There happens a space between the lines after updating tables of contents. And I could not make TOC into its original format.

If you mean font etc. How do I remove those unwanted paragraphs from the table of content.? When I try to update the TOC , the whole content of the old original table still appears instead of the newly updated table. How do I solve this issue?

What is the easiest way of doing TOC for large document more than pages without going through all the pages to click on the headings or subheadings on each page one after the other. Now to your issues: 1. Someone has then manually changed the font, font size etc. Body Text, Normal. Apply a paragraph style to those paragraphs and the issue will go away next time you update the TOC.

The only other thing I can think of is that you have track changes on when you update it. One of the 15 chapters is not clickable in the PDF. The rest are fine. Any clue why?

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