Mac os x 9.2 update

Mac OS 9.2.2 on a Mac Mini - Native!

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To homepage To homepage. Updated to 9. I can't find any of my imported playlists. I am running a iMac OS X I can't find any related resolutions so looking for help. Submitted diagnostics You need to update your OS assuming that is possible for your Mac.

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But 'full functionality' has been significantly reduced in the desktop controller. Share Tweet Share Share. This topic has been closed for further comments. You can use the search bar to find a similar topic, or create a new one by clicking Create Topic at the top of the page. Same thing happened to me after I updated to Sonos 9. I am running OS X John B. You need OSX World Virus.

So is there anyway to downgrade the sonos?

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The system was working great for me until it prompted me to update. Now I cannot use it at all. I cannot update my server machine, it's running Downgrading isn't supported. About the only solution is to get a supported mobile device and use it for the things the desktop controller can no longer do.

A cheap Android tablet stuck in a dock on your desktop may be the most convenient. An Amazon Fire tablet may be the cheapest. I just recently came on board. At least this happened before I purchased any more Sonos gear, I may have to ditch the sonos and find a better alternative.

Mac OS 9.2.2

It just seems odd that Sonos would release an automatic update that would break a system without warning. The music library shouldn't have been impacted by these changes, you may have a different issue. I'd call Sonos or at least try one of their 24x7 support options like Twitter to see if they can help you. Forum staffing isn't 24x7 and kind of spotty even during business hours.

Yer I'll give them a yell tomorrow. Music would initially play after the update but i couldn't update the library Sonos manage menu greyed out.

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I googled supported systems, and either misread or found incorrect info that implied After restarting everything and still having no joy, I uninstalled then reinstalled and chose use existing setup. Thats when the library had all disappeared. Sonos manage menu still greyed out. I have this problem too. I am not going to buy a new mac just to get back these features.

You must install all prerequisite software before installing any update. For example, when updating Mac OS 9. Note that the free downloadable Mac OS 9. This reduces the amount of data that must be downloaded at once. The Mac OS 9. It is available from Apple Software Updates. Some of these additional items are available separately at Apple Software Updates or from third-party websites non-Apple software. The disc may be used for full installation or clean installation. For more information on this see Mac OS 9.

Using the wrong Mac OS ROM file can cause the computer to behave unpredictably and may even prevent it from starting up. OS 9 Forever says that the performance improvements added in 9. In particular, the Finder is incredibly responsive, and Open Transport networking is vastly more stable. However, the four most important reasons for installing 9. The seems to work as well. Every version of Mac OS X through That can really tie things up on a single-processor Mac, but on a dual-processor machine, the second processor is free to do all the other work, keeping you productive even when OS 9 has completely taken over the other CPU.

They are getting mighty thin on the ground these days. Here are some online sources. A few examples:. Note well that any version of OS 9 — including OS 9. Apple generally provides excellent software, but sometimes a third-party app turns out to be a better solution — especially if you want to use a multi-button mouse. This document is that latest in a series of Mac OS 9 compatibility, upgrades, and resources guides that Charles W Moore has been updating since May This has been the most popular topic in the history of the Miscellaneous Ramblings column; earlier versions have been viewed over , times.

Note: This article has been updated from the edition.

As we publish this article, os9forever. Dan Knight, publisher.