Mac windows printer sharing authentication required

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This release contains an updated Java version which no longer supports bit workstations. If you have any bit users launching the User Client or Release Station from a network share, see this Knowledge Base article for more information. We are here to help As a company full of techies we know how important a well supported product is. That being said, I want deployment to be transparent to my customers, not something where I have to immediately present a required workaround.

I ran into the same problem as I was using a printing through a print server in an AD environment with PaperCut.

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  • For each smb printer found, we will change the authentication.
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If the script doesn't work for you, there is a refresh button to the right of where it says holding for authentication. If the user simply clicks on that it prompts for the AD credentials and will push the print job through to the paper cut server.

printing authentication issue : macsysadmin

If you are printing to SMB print queues in OS X and want the process to be seamless, kerberos authentication should really be used. VbgH63gXcrk with the script that can kerberize the print queues and a guide on our other Mac printing scripts and tricks. From what I've seen, adding items into the users keychain would be a problematic way to get SSO working for printing, but if its working for you then ignore me ;.

Thanks for all the responses. Currently we are using the refresh button in the queue to force authentication. Printing a second job works as well.

Once one job has asked for authentication one time it works thereafter. I don't believe that this script will work as the computers are using a local account, not a domain account. The OP mentioned that they're using local accounts so it wouldn't work in this case.

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  4. Bit of a difficult situation as Macs in Windows heavy environments really need to be joined to AD to get past these types of issues. The option will try and use Kerberos SSO for printing and as the local account won't have a Kerberos ticket it's not going to work unfortunately.

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    Stopping CUPS Deleting PPD Starting CUPS Script exit code: 0 Script result: lpadmin: Printer name can only contain printable characters. I would try changing the underscores in the printer name to dashes or getting rid of them altogether. I've had nothing but problems using underscores in file and device names and have given up on using them for anything. I use underscores and don't have this problem. Bringing this post back. I had the same exact issue with pushing a printer from a windows print server.

    You can run a single line command below. For our environment, it auto authenticates and prints.. Using bbot 's line above I created a script to pull all mapped printers and apply the authentication. Not perfect but works for what I need it to do.

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    I have somewhat the same issue with a smb problem as i see it is that even though the secondary domain is specified in the keychain user domain he always tries to authenticate using the primary domain. Great thread! The first script is overly complicated and unreliable, and the second script doesn't check whether or not it's an SMB printer. Here's what I'm using instead:. Anyone here using nomad to avoid AD binding but still have printers authenticate to print?

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    We are using paper cut to log print jobs. Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users.

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