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Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best Browsers For RonaldMacDonald Registered Feb 20, I really hate having to buy new macs every few years. Between the machines and the software it is a big investment and a whole lot of time setting things up and learning how to use it.

I usually keep my macs as long as I can. My only problem now is the browsers. Firefox, Chrome and Safari don't seems to want to support At least FF and Safari run but there are some sites I visit that don't work well with those old versions and the new versions can't be installed on Any suggestions on a browser that will let my macs live a little longer?

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DeltaMac Tech Feb 20, I don't know how much longer that Firefox can be used in that way, but it's a good addition, at least for now. Will it run on Intel Core 2 Duo? My machine is an iMac running Sorry - I assumed that you had to stay with You would be better served if you upgrade your OS X, as you will have a lot of other options. Is there a particular reason that you have chosen not to upgrade your operating system? Can you tell me a couple of things? What Mac do you have, and how much RAM memory is installed?

You can make sure about that by going to the Apple menu, then About This Mac. I have thrown a bunch of browsers at you, with most of them similar in specs but missing a few vital points. The best all rounder is Camino, as it is immensely fast, but for maximum compatibility and a whole bunch of plugins, Firefox is still good, although a little slow if you have an older G3.

Fortunately there are still some developers writing with older machines in mind, and for this we are thankful. Low End Mac is funded primarily through donations. All of our advertising is handled by BackBeat Media. For price quotes and advertising information, please contact BackBeat Media at This number is for advertising only. Welcome Image and Text. These are the browsers I choose: Opera 9. Opera 7 requires Mac OS X Camino requires Mac OS X Shiira 1. Demeter 1. Radon 1.

Sunrise requires Mac OS X Safari 1. Like what you have read?

Mac os x Mac mini. Blank screen in the. On 30 May , the developers announced that Camino is no longer being developed. Camino is an open-source Web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users. The Camino Project has worked to create a browser that is as functional and elegant as the computers it. Video playback is likely to be poor on systems slower than 1.

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Does Camino still gets security updates? On May 30, , the Camino.

Camino formerly Chimera is an interesting beast. Camino is a neat and tidy browser, and with most older Macs not supporting the higher resolutions of more modern Macs, screen space is more of an issue — and this slim and. Today I follow that up by looking at two contenders for the best browser on OS X Tenfourfox sometimes glitches when displaying text. Itunes 10 download for mac os x Appzapper 2.

Aurorafox 16 browser for powerpc. Free mozilla camino 0. How to download and install firefox on macos. How to download install. Try leopard-webkit.

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It is a build of WebKit for So it's pretty much Safari. It was most recently updated this week, at the time of writing. Every time someone with a vintage g3g4g5 powerpc mac asks me what browser would be my preferred choice for such systems i always suggests tenfourfox. The wikipedia page for camino offers a good overview of its history timeline and version compatibility.

Find the best free programs like. You can try camino, which requires Mac OS X Just nice for you. Their webpage says they are no longer supporting it though: After a decade-long run, Camino is no longer being developed, and we encourage all users to upgrade to a more modern browser.

Camino is increasingly lagging. That said you can "upgrade" any browser or application like Apple Mail that uses the currently installed version of WebKit with the upgraded WebKit frameworks. The folks behind the Camino Project have announced the second beta release of Camino 2. Mac OS X. SeaMonkey 2.

Hi there, Be kind, as I am not very technical! My current browser Safari doesn't work with web page Adobe Flash Player cam systems, will using Camino help solve the compatibility problem when using Flash Player? With my current set up, Flash Player doesn't recognise my. Mac users interested in Firefox for os x You can install AdBlock for Firefox to stop the ads displays in-line or on the pages..

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Camino 2. Camino is an user-friendly browser that will make your Internet experience a pleasant one. The app is a simple Microsoft Excel Excel for. User Agent: Blank screen in the browser window, and no PDF's automatically downloading to the. Still running a PowerPC Mac s aapl and hurting for some serious browser speed, up-to-date security and web standards compatibility?.

I had been especially hopeful that the PPC-optimized Camino would work well, and it does I never had any problems playing online games but recently it now says: I currently. However, as it matched the OS and processor my neighbor was running, it made the list. Per la riproduzione fluida dei filmati si consiglia. I have a Mac with OS X My problem is I cannot.

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Download Camino. A listing of all available releases of Camino. Version 2. For Mac OS X For more. The beautiful native interface has also gained a great new feature called 'Tab Overview' allowing you to see all your open tabs visually at a glance.