Photo sync app for mac

Mac Photos app: backup and sync imported thumbnails and facetile images along with photos

The site has a list to get you started. Here are a few of my favorites, in the order which I remember them:. Previously, sending edited photos from iOS would send the original file.

Now any crops and filters are applied before transfer. This is super-useful now that iOS 7 has some really great photo filters. You can now choose which album photos are sent to on the receiving device, by choosing them on the sending device. This is neater than it first sounds. For instance, if you send a lot of screenshots from your iPhone to your iPad, you can now do it without cluttering up the Camera Roll.

And you can even create a new album. This is also great for keeping pictures together. Imagine you are on vacation, taking pictures with an iPhone and a regular camera, and corralling all the images on your iPad.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Now you can create a vacation-specific folder on the iPad and save everything to that, bypassing the camera roll. I actually ordered a Toshiba FlashAir just to try this out the Amazon courier should arrive any second now.

Google's Backup and Sync app

Photosync will let you transfer your pictures straight from a camera equipped with a wireless SD card. Better still, if you have the right setup you can actually see a grid of thumbnails on the card, and pick which ones to transfer. PhotoSync can now automatically fire up and transfer images when you enter a certain location. This actually solves a problem Leander has been having with his family.

In the CoM chatroom, Rob suggested Dropbox, but that needs the kids to actually open the app from time to time. Transferring photos and videos from your Mac OS X computer to your iPhone is as simple as dragging your selected files to the PhotoSync icon in the dock.

To transfer from a Windows computer to an iPhone, select the photos and videos you want to transfer and drag the files to the PhotoSync drag and drop area in the bottom right corner of your screen. While in an album, you can upload photos and videos by clicking the Upload button in the top navigation bar and following the on-screen prompts. To download photos and videos, click the Select button and click on the photos you wish to download you also have the option to download all your photos and videos.

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If you don't have the ability to install the companion app, you still have the ability to download and upload files from your web browser. To set-up these options, tap the Settings icon in the bottom right corner, and then tap the Configure button.

Quickly Transfer Photos and Videos With PhotoSync

Tapping on any of the options will take you to an authorization screen, which will prompt you to enter the necessary information. The next time you go through the transfer process, your configured services will be included in the list of transfer options. Along with syncing to a computer and other iOS devices, you have the ability to sync photos and videos to various popular web services.

A very convenient feature that PhotoSync offer is Quick Transfer, which allows you to bypass the three-menu transfer process in favor of longpressing the red Transfer icon. Doing so will quickly transfer selected photos and videos to the designated Quick Transfer device. Setting up Quick Transfer mode is highly recommended, as it shortens the normal three-step transfer passes into one easy step.

PhotoSync - Photo Transfer App | FREE Download for Windows PC & Mac - PhotoSync

A familiar instructional screen will appear, prompting you to tap the Configure button. Tapping either option will take you to a secondary menu that lists available devices.

Transfer From iPhone to Computer/iOS Device

One final feature worth mentioning is Quicklook Mode, which allows you to view photos and videos in the same manner as the Photos app. To use Quicklook Mode, tap the Eye icon in the bottom left corner of the screen; the screen will flip and look pretty much the same as before. If you tap on a thumbnail, the screen will transition into a full-size view of the thumbnail you selected.

Similar to the built-in Photos app, you can view photos and video individually in Quicklook Mode. When it comes to transferring photos and videos to and from an iPhone, PhotoSync is unmatched in terms of usability and functionality.