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This game adds several new modes to play. In "Title Defense," Little Mac has to defend his newly-gained World Circuit title against the boxers he defeated in the traditional Contender Mode to win it, but they have new moves and strategies to make the fights much more difficult.

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Fights from Contender, Title Defense and the secret character unlocked via Last Stand can all be replayed anytime thanks to Exhibition Mode, where the player can tackle several unique challenges that have to be completed when fighting against the boxers; finally, there's a super-secret mode that turns Mac into a One-Hit-Point Wonder during the fights, elevating the difficulty into a level that is only suitable for true experts.

The game was rereleased on Wii U eShop in January Released around the last week of October , players spar with Doc Louis in training sessions, so the game could be a prequel to the Wii version. This title was later rereleased for all Club Nintendo members to purchase during the club's closing sale in Little Mac has also appeared three times in the Super Smash Bros.

He also cameoed in the Japan-only adventure game Captain Rainbow , where he's gone overweight from years of not boxing and needs help getting back into shape. Example of: Pec Flex. Community Showcase More. Super Macho Man flexes his pecs and glutes for the audience.

Punch-Out Wii Title Defense Fight Vs Soda Popinski

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Let's keep it clean! Cant beat Great Tiger!! User Info: narutoxxx. User Info: action Blocking in this game is different from most fighting or sports games. When Little Mac gets punched, he stops blocking. If you just hold the down button, after the first punch he will stand there exposed. You have to press the down button again every time he gets punched.

This is different from most games, where holding the block button will work for as long as you press it, no matter how many times you get attacked. So against Great Tiger, every time he punches you have to press down again, and wait for the next punch. After blocking the next one, press down and wait again. Eventually he will stand there, dazed. Some to the face and some to the stomach. Rocky tries to respond with some punches of his own but Little Mac dodges it with ease.

Another uppercut sends Rocky back down. This time the referee gets to four and Rocky is back up. Rocky is about to attack again but Little Mac surprises him by jumping his star punches early and taking him down a second time. Little Mac thinks that will keep Rocky down but he is surprised that Rocky comes back up, though admittedly struggling. Is that all you got?? Little Mac is unsure what to do now and steps off from attacking his now loud mouthed opponent, waiting to see what he does now.

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Rocky comes back in with a series of jabs and Little Mac dodges. Left, left, right, left, uppercut, right, left hook. Rocky is successfully confusing Little Mac. He climbs back and starts aggressively attacking Rocky again to the face. But Rocky responds by putting his hands up again and again and again. He then hits Little Mac back with another left hook. Little Mac glows pink as he his fatigue takes a hold of him.

This series features examples of:

Rocky sets up a right hook but Little Mac is ready this time. He dodges it, recovers, and hits Rocky again squarely below his right eye. Round 4 begins and Rocky, after some encouragement from Mickey, begins taunting Little Mac again. Little Mac swings at Rocky but Rocky blocks and hits Mac in the head.

Rocky randomizes everything now.

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He comes in close, he dances around Mac, he punches low, he punches high, he blocks his stomach and sometimes his face. Little Mac goes down again. Rocky has this fight. There are several reasons why I think he would win. Ivan Drago has a punching strength of 2, psi, well above what even the strongest boxers can achieve.

Punch Out Wii Gameplay Little Mac Vs Great Tiger

This punch was so devastating that it even killed Apollo Creed in the second round. Even Drago commented how Rocky had a body made of iron. His health bar would barely decrease after every punch. Little Mac on the other hand has a weaker body. One strong blow from Mike Tyson can lead to an instant knockdown.

He is definitely a short-term fighter. Little Mac was definitely the faster of the two. Sandman, and Bald Bull. I think though the real reason why Rocky would win between the two is that Rocky is human.

At the heart of the matter, Little Mac is a responder. He has to gauge when to accurately use them or not. Rocky would realize this halfway through the fight and would just go crazy in the ring. In true Punch Out and Rocky fashion there has to be a rematch. I guarantee you that no matter who would win the first fight, the loser would win the rematch. First off, if Mac won the first match, Rocky would go on a training montage and change up his fighting style just like he did for Apollo and Clubber Lang. He was able to win both rematches. This new style would throw off the pattern-loving Little Mac and Rocky would win.

Setting The Stage For Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!

You see, in Punch Out for the Wii, Doc has an awesome training simulation machine that helps Mac through some of his more tricky opponents. In this case, Rocky would practice against a Rocky simulation. The best method is to build up his star punches as fast as he could and knock Rocky down in a TKO.

Three knockdowns in one round would satisfy a win for Mac. And when that rematch happens, Little Mac would be ready and he would take Rocky down in a surprise upset in the first round.

Rocky would enjoy finding time to spar with a friendly rival while Mac would revel at the chance to be with a boxer that was not crazy or mean.