Share screen on mac mountain lion

What is Screen Sharing for Mac Computers?

Screens Express is a free utility app that grants a trusted party access to your Mac via a unique and temporary link. It ensures that the required services are configured and running properly on your Mac and configures your router so that your Mac can be accessed remotely.

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The remote user that receives your sharable link never sees your username or password. Screens Express will verify that the required settings are properly configured. If that is not the case, you will need to grant Screens Express permission to make those changes for you. Screens Express will restore those settings back to their initial state when you close Screens Express.

Once the operation is complete, Screens Express will generate a unique link, which can be shared with the person who wish to connect to your Mac.

How to use native Screen Sharing in Mac OS X Lion - đŸ“± Mobile Meandering

You can choose to change that link every time you use Screens Express or make that link the same on each use. The person receiving that link can then tap or click on that link, which will automatically open Screens and initiate a connection to the Mac. Until a connection has been made, Screens Express is in wait mode.

The Default OS X Method

When an incoming connection has been detected, you will be prompted to allow the remote guest connection to continue. Click on Share Screen to let the connection go through.

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  • From this point, the person has access to your Mac like he or she would be sitting in front of it. To close the connection, you can either Quit the app or click the Close button if you wish to close the connection but keep Screens Express running. Screens Express was designed to only operate when it is running and will not run in the background.

    How to Set Up & Use Screen Sharing in Mac OS X

    If you close Screens Express, your sharable link will become invalid until you launch the app again. Running Mountain Lion on iMac and Macbook Pro, "Back to my Mac" activated on both computers, using an Airport Extreme, everything set up correctly near as I can tell based upon online instructions. Am able to view the iMac remotely but the "Switch to Control Mode" selection is dimmed and cannot do mouse clicks or keyboard entries of course.

    Have consulted the Settings on the iMac, "Screen Sharing" button on Sharing page is unclicked, selecting it declares "Screen Sharing is currently being controlled by Remote Management". Found no answers online here so thought I'd share the cause: Somewhere along the line the "Remote Management" button was selected during a previous setup for RDP.

    How to use AirPlay Mirroring in Mountain Lion

    Going ahead and activating the more convenient "Screen Sharing" method through iCloud did not uncheck this box. Uncheck that Remote Management box and select "Screen Sharing" instead and you are good to go. Posted on Mar 9, PM.

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    OS X Server Mt Lion - How to File Share - Using Screen Share

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    Apple unveils Mac OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’ as iOS continues its push to the desktop

    I have the same issue where the option to "switch to control mode" is greyed out. I have 4 macs at home with the same set up"it looks like the same set up" and it only happens on my new iMac. Jun 13, AM. Communities Contact Support.