Top desktop wallpaper for mac

Of course, you do. But like many of us, you gave up on hunting awesome wallpapers, curating a collection and remembering to cycle through them.

‎Unsplash Wallpapers on the Mac App Store

You did that when you had all the time in the world. All you want to do is get to the Mac and start working. Just download the app, and forget about it. When we did our royalty free stock photos roundup , Unsplash came on top. Unsplash is a website that features 10 new images every 10 days. You could just browse the website and manually get the wallpapers. Whatever source you choose, the key is picking one that contains multiple images after all, you need more than one image to automatically cycle through! With the option checked, you can use the drop-down menu to select your desired interval.

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Choices include as often as every five seconds, as seldom as once per day, or when you log in or wake the Mac from sleep. Select this option at the bottom of the right-click drop-down menu.

10 Websites to Download HD Mac Desktop Backgrounds

Your desktop should change automatically, though it may take a second for a high-resolution image. Set a picture from Safari.

If you see an image you like while browsing in Safari, right-click it and choose Set Desktop Picture. View more options. If you want to browse all images on your computer, including default desktop backgrounds, continue on to the System Preferences section.

1. Unsplash Wallpaper

If you want to tweak the appearance of your wallpaper, skip down to the display options section below. Open System Preferences. Click the apple icon in the top menu bar and select System Preferences. You can also access System Preferences from the Applications folder. This is located in the first row. If this takes you to Screen Saver options, click the Desktop tab before you continue. Choose a folder from the left pane. The folders under the word "Apple" contain images that came with your Mac.

Click a folder, and the images inside it will appear in the right pane.

You may also see other categories besides Apple, including the "Photos" or "iPhoto" category that contains the photos in that application. If you don't see your photos, keep reading to find out how to add them. Select an image. Once you see an image you like, click it in the right pane.

Your desktop should change immediately. If you don't like the positioning or size of your image, read about display options below. Add a folder to the list. In the pop up window, select a folder that contains images. This will add that folder to the left pane. It's not always easy to find your iPhoto or Photos folder.

Changing Your Mac’s Desktop Background

Use the method below if you're having trouble. Troubleshoot missing photos. If the picture you're looking for does not appear on the list, save it to a different image format in the same folder. You may need to separate photos with different file formats into separate folders.

Top 100 Wallpaper Engine Wallpapers 2018

To change formats, open the image in Preview or another image viewing program. Open your photo application. This method describes the process for Photos and iPhoto. This process has been confirmed for iPhoto 9. Select the photo.