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The Sound preferences pane appears, as shown. Optional From the Play Sound Effects Through pop-up menu, choose whether your Mac plays sounds through its built-in Internal Speakers or through another set of speakers you might have connected to your Mac. Optional Drag the Alert Volume slider to the desired location to set how loudly or softly your Mac will play the alert when it needs to get your attention. Play User Interface Sound Effects: Lets you hear such sounds as the crinkling of paper when you empty the Trash or a whooshing sound if you remove an icon from the Dock.

Optional Drag the Output Volume slider or press the volume-up and volume-down keys on the keyboard. Output volume defines the maximum volume that sound-playing applications can emit, so if you set Output volume at 75 percent and then play a song in iTunes with the iTunes volume at 50 percent, the song plays at Menulets are mini menus that open when you click the icons on the right end of the menu bar and give you quick access to specific System Preferences settings, such as Network, Time and Date, or Sound.

I tested this through iTunes, since I am recieveing no audio via the input jack.

Finer volume adjustments

The strangest of all these things is that this seems to have happened out of the blue. I have been doing this process for quite a while, specifically, recording from the mixer into Logic via the input jack and monitoring out through the headphone jack. I tried most of these steps but to no avail. Just wondering if you had any other ideas before I give it a full wipe.

I've been struggling with distorted audio over google hangouts. We use it to play online games. I'm the only one using a mac and the only one having this issue. I was going to try your technique of killing the "coreaudioud" but when I called up the activity monitor I couldn't find it. Is this a file that comes and goes as needed? Open Activity Monitor, select the CPU tab, and search for "core" and it should pop up with about 5 other processes.

It doesn't come and go, it should always be running. Hence the system automatically restarting it when you kill it. You'll need to follow it up with your admin password which is your account password, if you're the main admin user.

There's a hidden volume control in your Mac menu bar

It sounds similar to the problems in Mavericks, but I'm using El Capitan, any ideas? El Capitan occasionally causes issues like this, though it's generally a lot better than Mavericks was. This will also depend on what your hardware is. You'll need to type your admin password. Audio will stop for a second then the process will restart. I suggest you move on to resetting PRAM, as per the article, if this doesn't help. This is a very important article for every OS X user, thank you for this. My problem was no sound after unplugging headphones, sleeping iMac, then returning hours later.

Although the sound bar was adjustable and not muted in preferences, no sound was to be heard, headphones in, or headphones out. Glad this article could help you out! I'm really glad El Capitan suffers from these audio problems a lot less than Mavericks did, but it's definitely handy to know how to restart Core Audio when things start sounding weird.

Was enjoying watching using VLC and suddenly the audio was distorted for the speaking part but the background laughter, music was fine.. Really weird.. The mouse connected easily but I could never get the keyboard to connect, no matter what I tried. When doing a Google search I even tried some specific examples in the Apple support forum for this particular device.

Once I tried this it worked like a charm. My macbook is also slow. My macbook says it's on mute and wont play music, please fix!!

There's not much I can really suggest with such a vague description. Assuming you've tried everything here, you might want to backup with Time Machine and reinstall OS X. If it's a software issue, that should fix it. It should also make things run a little faster too. Does anyone know how to delay audio output?

I have managed to get all audio air playing through my sonos yes it took a lot of work but there is always a 4 second delay. I know you can delay certain apps like VLC player but can you just delay all output so you don't have to do it for each app? I'm starting to think you can't but it seems like such a simple feature.

Thanks in advance for any help. I use a headphone and speaker with my iMac. Today on a call, my internal microphone was on, how can I resolve that? You'll need to connect your headset in order for it to show up. My issue is with the Sound Preferences. I use an external device, i. This works. My question is 'why do I have to do this every time I turn the computer on?

I'm having a similar problem with my iPhone contacts. I select iPhone contacts only I don't want to scroll down my entire list of contacts looking for a number to call , but then after my next charge it goes back to all contacts. Its not a big deal, just annoying. I generally find that my Mac remembers the settings, based on the device I have connected. Are you running El Capitan? Thanks for the post! Killing coreaudiod through the Terminal fixed my issue. Top Deals.

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Sound Not Working on Your Mac? Easy Fixes For Audio Problems. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Something Disappeared From Your Mac? Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Very grateful for your advise on killall. This worked in May Killall coreaudiod, hell yes.

Killing core audio totally fixed the issue. I'm in the same boat at you, did you ever get it to show? And HOW??

How to fix sound problems on your Mac running macOS Mojave

Wonderful article. Terminal command nailed it.

Issue fixed. Like a garbled, digital audio signal. Very disturbing. Keep us posted on whether you can resolve it, and what you did! Hi, In typical fashion it started working again, I didn't do anything except wait for a week or so. Thanks for your reply.

OS X: How to Control Your Mac's Volume

Despite the mac still recognising the external speakers, no sound it audible. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, it's getting very frustrating now. Ill turn my mac on and despite it still recognising the external speakers, no sound is audible. Assuming you've tried all of the above I'm not really sure what else could help.

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