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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

The territory control mechanics never quite worked right, looting was purely RNG which just made it an exercise in frustration. Finally, Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman……..

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Paul was irritating, but Jeff seemed to cause actual harm to the game by being a moron. WAR had the best class ever, Black Orc! Every game had a WoW identity crisis, but WAR at least delivered some of the most amusing game play within the greenskin classes.

The orcs and goblins were geniously executed. I went to the Warhammer convention in Baltimore on the promise that kiosks were there to play tests the game. Played the game, liked what I saw, went to the room with the developers talking about the game. Cannot remember who on the team was there now, though.

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I enjoyed WAR a great deal. I remember coming out of the starter dwarf area, cresting a hill of white to the burnt brown of the first little PvP area where orc and dwarf areas met. It was one of those public quest thingies where the sides had to compete and it was chaos.

And fun, so much fun. The game had problems, sure. Balancing caused continuing fights in the player base. But I joined a small but friendly guild and we had fun. It was the first time I developed real enmity with other random people.

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Who knows who they were, but I sure as hell recognized their names on the battlefield and hated them. It really felt like WAR. As time went on, some of the more friendly evil people would gather with us in coordinated duals, small scale skirmishes, tactic discussions, advice… next thing ya know all those people I hated turned out to be nice people looking to have fun in an MMO. Anyway, as the numbers dwindled and friends left it was harder to log in.

The Game Archaeologist: Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online was buggy as hell, and lacked good PvE content to get people to the level to enjoy the PvP. The PvE content was horribad and boring to the nth degree. The PvP was really pretty cool, but lacked structure to keep the sides fighting each other. Instead, they just avoided one another, and raced to the next objective for an easy win of that location. Then there was Age of Conan. OMG… what an amazingly fun PvP experience that failed due to a lack of depth.

Sadly the world felt small and linear in Age of Conan, and much like Warhammer Online, it was riddled with bugs as well. I truly believe that the ultimate reason that the majority of WoW clones failed was because they were WoW clones instead of Everquest clones. If they would have focused on solid PvE content and character development first rather than focusing on the end game over all else, they could have become something much more than they became; a distant memory. Instead, they focus on the end game.

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They make getting to the end game irrelevant, unrewarding, and ultimately forgettable. This one I had high hopes for as a then longtime WFB tabletop player. I was a Magus main so one of the worst classes despite my love of her look with the disc and what have you. The game had so many issues from balance to crafting design to the lack of cities and just general weird problems like my gear as a magus having parry in large amounts?

Such great potential so wasted. It would get you into a situation where you had a single Bright Wizard or Archmage vs multiple of weaker soldier types which would balance their power. I see it as a game that grossly misread what made WoW popular, made by devs that thought the main market to please were the hardcore gamers. Not a bad game for its intended audience, but misguided, as will always be the case when devs think hardcore can achieve mainstream popularity. I got into this game way to late but it was the first game where I truly loved PvP because even at a low level you felt like you were part of something.

I genuinely loved this game, flawed though it was. It had lots of issues but in terms of WoW clones from the era it really felt like its own thing. Granted the 30 years of lore and worldbuilding helped that compared to things like Rift or Aeon but also the nature of pvp being a part of the world and not some compartmentalised minigame like WoW helped. I have fond memories of killing things to get more lore in a bestiary and cresting a hill to find for forces of order and chaos waging a huge war and taking part to get decorations to wear on my gear and having a huge battle summoning daemons of tzeench to try and stop the bright wizard murderball.

It was a constant back and forth in a way Dreanors Trashran failed to achieve. Yeah it failed for a multitude of reasons, I recall I hated the game for the SERIOUS class imbalances in the game, ones the devs knew about and protected them because the devs themselves played them. And they openly admitted it. Mark Jacobs himself openly admitted to preventing the godlike brightwizard from being nerfed down to planet earth because it was his favorite class to play. Honestly I was overjoyed when they canned Mark Jacobs. To this date the only good thing EA has ever done.

Even with the custom balances, not everything was broken. And you offered nothing to contradict it, making yours even less relevant than a rant. But then your here just to troll and argue, so to be expected. Back under your bridge. He is extremely transparent and honest as a developer not least on these forums and has come up with some great ideas. If he is not prevented for legal reasons, I would be surprised if he does not come on here to say hello at this article :. What I disliked was his mis-management of the game itself. Bright wizards are just part of that, but they were the easiest one to point out, because only the dumbest people on earth would try and argue that they were balanced.

Playing with Fire definitely needed the nerf a lot, although I feel that the Bright Wizard and Sorcerer were very different and had a lot of similarly-good stuff. It worked great. There were a lot of minor tweaks that could have made things MUCH more effective, and I believe that some extra designwork on the RvR systems to make them rely less on PQ completion et al. Become a Patron Tips Podcast Classic. Massively Overpowered.

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Every two weeks, The Game Archaeologist looks back at classic online games and their history to learn a thing or two about where the industry came from… and where it might be heading. Subscribe to:. But, the game was deeply flawed. You must be logged in to vote 0 You must be logged in to vote. Joe Pacinelli. Would you accept the challenge? Shadowrun: Dragonfall offers brilliant realistic visauls and sounds, a well-written story and an immersive game-play tho enjoy. The game is set in A.

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In the times of chaos, when everybody is trying to fill up their pockets with whatever fits their palm, Total War: Attila lets you have the support of a mighty army of Million horsemen and conquer the City of Rome. The game allows you to show your might by going to war against all the Oppressing Powers, Crushing their rebellions and proving yourself as the most Barbarian and fearsome king who knows how to rule. The game is set in the Early Modern Period of 18th Century and allows you to choose a faction for yourself and dominate over the known world by the use of massive armies, diplomacy and economics.

The turn based element of the game allows you to engage yourself in wars against the enemies in real-time. You can select any campaign and wage wars against your enemies through land and sea and use differently trained troop units. Every campaign of the game allows you to build and manage your own settlement in which you can erect different structures, gather resources and train your troops etc.

Multiplayer mode of the game allows you to make alliances with other online players and fight with your enemies with doubled strength and resources, defeat them and conquer their territories. The game is set in the 16th century in Japan and focuses on its Feudal system that came into existence after the Onin War during the era of Ashikaga Shogunate.