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This question reminds of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As founder Bobby Henderson says:. Do you think most of these questions are genuine or do people just fake it to appear in an article like this? Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I think that some of them are bogus but some are real.

It's hard to know which. I do know a few really ignorant people who could ask some of these questions. And remember some of the stupid things we've heard one of our past presidents say Not funny this is the last time i go to articles like these.


Turly pointless. I mean we all know that yahoo answers is effed so who even cares anymore? I know they've got the watchlist, but if there's a way to get notifications for all the incoming calls, that would be great. Some of the questions are funny, but the answer to 8 was stupid.

Basically the other reason they give means that Mt.

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Hi Ed, How can you presume to list some of the funniest questions on Yahoo Answers when you so conspicuously lack a sense of humor? Of all the questions 10 was a intentionally funny, and b quite amusing. Your 'Smartass Answer' was frankly, pathetic, even bigoted. Amusing but also very scary. If these people were actually serious they should be executed or at the very least chemically castrated so they can't reproduce and further pollute the gene pool.

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Can't be education. Question 9: I'm from Canada and let me tell you, we're a bunch big bad grumpy bears and we don't speak much, we mostly grunt and growl and one day we'll come down in Texas to get you! A Price A similar equipped PC is much cheaper to purchase than Mac. I'm comparing Apple Mac's vs Dells best deal. If you decide that you must have an all-in one.

Personally I don't think the All-in-Ones are a good choice, and consider them overpriced, lack expandability and repairs both more expensive and require the entire computer. Apple knows that they must make Macintosh look different than PC so all Macs except the Mac Pro will not have a tower option. Apple's low end lacks expandability but it makes the Mac "look different", if Mac had a tower for low-end, more people would realize the similarities between the two. IMac is better price than the Mac Mini. Mac OS X was hacked in under 30 minutes, and hacked within 2 minutes in a contest in Linux and Vista were not able to be hacked until another day when restrictions were lowered.

All macs are standardized with Cameras, if your system gets hacked, the hacker would more likely be able to turn on your camera. Please Note: All OS's have vulnerabilities. As more users use Macs, more viruses will come out for it. Especially when users think "they are safe". Some repairs can be done by another repair service but the compact design of the computer causes problems.

What is better Mac or PC?

With an IMac, if the problem is with the monitor, the whole computer would have to be brought in. IMac and Mac mini lack expansion. Overheating Macbooks, OS X- not responding to keyboard, some units with 16bit screens, etc. Apple statistics are misleading since Mac users with problem machines are more likely to go out and buy a new computer than PC users.

Apple is lowering prices which means you can expect lower quality than in the past. Apple had switched the manufacturers producing parts. OS X also has problems slowing down. Source s: Add a comment. Mac is better, but if you were smart you'd buy PC. PC you can buy the parts and is cheaper.

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Mac is more than double the price and you cannot buy the parts. So for practicality, PC is better, and for professional purposes, Mac is better. Mac is better, PC is more value for the money. With a mac you throw it out and buy a new one, with a PC you upgrade the parts -Does not crash and blue screen like in the "Mac Vs PC" propaganda.

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  • You get three types of answer. An unbiased opinion of both platforms. MAC's are easy to use but limited in functionality and expensive to buy. PC's are not so easy to use but have more functionality and are cheaper to buy. Suggest you start with a cheap PC and experiment.

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    PC -better games -better hardware -better performance -compatible with thousands if not millions of devices and software -cheaper -better support -more user friendly -more customizable -a bigger community of users that's why. PC is cheap and amazing Linux is free but harder to use Mac just sux. I own a couple computers with different OS's 1 vista 1 xp 1 ubuntu and a macbook PC by far. Who is stronger: Schwarzenegger or Van Damme? If we talk seriously, it depends on for which purposes do you want to use computer. If you are professional designer, you would want to use Mac.

    Mac has only viruses Mac is very fast Mac is very expansive Mac doesn't support games But I would say you that Mac is better.