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This is all but useless in assisting with the problem but Working fine here. Sun Jan 28, Many thanks, stevelup. I was speculating that is what the DuckDuckGo plug-in does I use DuckDuckGo without the extension referred to above as the default browser without any iPlayer issues. GrahamB Sent from my high horse not using Tapatalk. I think the issue is that the BBC uses a bbc. Options 12 posts Page 1 of 1 12 posts. Another problem behind the error could be related to a corrupted VPN.

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If the VPN is corrupted, it would fail to work properly. If you are trying to watch the videos on a mobile device, the data reduction feature might be a factor, triggering the proxy error. Download Extension It is recommend that you not only install the PureVPN standalone application but also its browser extension. As simple as that! Access BBC iPlayer! Topics : bbc iplayer proxy error.

Posted on October 30, in. Have Your Say!! Click here to cancel reply. Get Purevpn. Iplayer working ok on mobile phone connected to same broadband modem via wifi. Tv connected via LAN cable. Was hoping to catch up on eastenders after being away a month…no hope! Revolving circular disc on tv and iPad! All the other catch up services are working fine! We are also having problems on all platforms — tv and laptop. Watching catch up tv on iplayer is now almost impossible. I am bored with looking at a revolving circular arrow as programmes struggle to download.

This needs sorting — it is not happening with other providers. Maybe the BBC should build on its previous high standards and make some kind of announcement about when they can fix the problem. Otherwise, perhaps it would be best that they revert to a pre-digital age and give up broadcasting the fact that things missed can be viewed later on iplayer. I have had my LG tv for almost 3 years never a problem but since late last week I player and red button loading…have the up to date software and reinstalled channels.

No problem before? How do I find out whether it is iPlayer, Roku unit or broadband? Also sick of Nepotism Chris Evans putting son on grooming another generation of showbiz folk to be hoisted on us.

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My Daughter has a mac and uses Safari and is with Virgin and has no problems getting all fed up with it. Have tried everything they suggest nothing works. Down on my Sony Bravia. From the app on the TV itself it just gets stuck on loading. Via the app on my Virgin Tivo all I get is the audio but no picture. Our I player has been down since Sunday eve. Tried all sorts in plugged etc etc, Netflix is ok.

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Sony Bravia,. I have down loaded the BBC I player app on my new android tv box in down loads when playing back I get sound but no picture as anyone got any advice on how to put this right thanks. Just waited. It seems better at the moment. App always has had HD mode. BBC iPlayer is just total rubbish. Anyone help here, as Auntie Beeb isnt sorting it out at present? This problem has developed sometime over the Christmas break because it was working properly before then. Anyone got any ideas? Also, seems to have got a day out of the current date so, when selecting a yesterday program it asks Watch Live or from the beginning!

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No Freeview signal where I am! Since dec update can no longer download programs. It was perfect before update. Have uninstalled and reinstalled all to no avail. Has anyone any ideas if there is something I can try to get BBC iplayer working again. BBC iplayer rarely plays now on my Panasonic smart tv.

This has been happening on and off for about a month. If it does finally work from Home page it cuts out on numerous occasions. Hi, getting this error too on a Sony Bravia, although content does actually play. There is also an issue with searching.

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Existing searches can be clicked on and return results though. Anyone else had this? My tv has BigScreen Version: 4. Not working on Sony Bravia tv. Same error message as others on here have. It then reverts back to tv. At the moment neither Sony or BBCiplayer seem to be acknowledging the problem. Anyone had any luck with this yet? Exactly the same problem as Beachmaster — wondered whether the TV or iplayer update responsible. Exactly the same problem exceeds system download limit for about six days now.

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Tried factory reset, no change, switched to Low Def, no change. Had to watch something on the laptop last night. Starting to get very annoyed…. Nicola Dellow. I am in Istanbul and cannot access Sounds radio now and am wondering why. Mitch Blythe. Any ideas how I can fix this? Christophe Naud. Keith Bryant. Samsunf smart tv? Is this happening on a samsung by any chance? Yep same bbc need to sort this. Same as me. Carol King.

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Kevin Preston. Sheila Powell. The iplayer radio and media player are both not working today. Bill James. Delete that file from this location Upon starting the app the white screen bug will no longer occur. Andrew Ferguson. Barrie Wyse. Norman Waghorn.

David Delf. Ps4 bbc iplayer error message. Dennis Bocker.